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Doug's Ministerial Search Resource Page

Statement about Interim Ministry

Welcome Search Team!
This is an exciting and essential time in the life of your congregation!  However seeking a minister to journey with you in your time of transition is also filled with anxiety and asks your team to make  significant decisions quickly.  The work you are doing is crucial and I hope that you will feel peace of mind that you are offering such a meaningful gift of time and attention to your community.  This website is meant assist you in getting to know my ministry in a timely manner and is intended to be a complement to my Ministerial Record.

The Core Tasks of an Interim Minister


Recording of Recent Sermon


Sample of New Member Class

I offer these materials as an example of some of the work that I have done in preparing adult faith development curricula.  It was developed specifically for use with my current congregation, and is not meant to suggest a required model for how I would offer new member classes in a future settings. These three sessions would be presented as a three-part pathway to membership series.  The first two on consecutive weeks and the third a month later as follow up. 


Current and Former Congregational Websites

An Interview with Doug on Ministry
in a Mid-Size Congregation

Taken from a documentary on UU Principles in Action